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Speed Kills, yes but you cant run forever

Posted on: June 15, 2008 9:45 pm
  Well its no secret that the Eagles got faster this offseason (see DeSean Jackson, Lorenzo Booker, Quentin Demps, Etc.) it almost seems that now a days the only thing they didn't do is switch to turf. It can be said that the Eagles now can be called one of the NFLs fastest teams but i ask you what did that really fix. Why yes we now have 2 more players just as capable of running the screen as Brain Westbrook but that isn't the only thing to run from. If you take a look down the division you see that speed RUSHERS are almost as common as mormons on the Eagles but don't worry we can just run around them. Look I know your not buying this and to tell you neither am I but I also didn't by Gocong last year or McNabb when he 1st came in (I can't say i do). But after all all we can do is nit-pick a FO that gave us nothing but its okay. You can always tell how your teams gonna do by how the Vets respond to it and right now they don't look so hot. Im not gonna lie they could have done better this offseason but thats what I said about the Phillies.

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